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Next Song On Deck

Sep 28, 2021

Song Featured: "Don't Leave Me Lonely" by Late Night Special


Collaborative Cover: "Otherside" performed by Fred Lee IV and Courtney Lynn & Quinn


This week, hosts Courtney Lynn & Quinn welcome frontman Fred Lee IV of the band, Late Night Special. He chats about finding music later in life, freestyling in the...

Sep 21, 2021

Song Featured: "I Don't Want to Dream Without You" by Brit Drozda


Collaborative Cover: "The Story" performed by Brit Drozda and Courtney Lynn & Quinn


This week Courtney Lynn & Quinn welcome singer songwriter, Brit Drozda to the podcast. She tells them about background in classic piano, writing her first song for...

Sep 14, 2021

Song Featured: "Words" by Patrick Saint James


Collaborative Cover: "It's A Sin" performed by Patrick Saint James and Courtney Lynn & Quinn


This week, hosts Courtney Lynn & Quinn are going international for the very first time as they welcome Manchester, England based, Irish singer-songwriter Patrick Saint James to...

Sep 7, 2021

Song Featured: "When I'm Gone" by Abby Bryant & The Echoes


Frontwoman Abby Bryant, of Abby Bryant & The Echoes, joins Courtney Lynn & Quinn to talk about her music origin story, transitioning from DownTown Abby to Abby Bryant, performing at FloydFest, and her band's upcoming debut album Not Your Little Girl, which...