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Next Song On Deck

Jun 15, 2021

Song Featured: "Bowl N The Woods" by Folk Rap Band featuring Afroman


Collaborative Cover: "I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get By" performed by Folk Rap Band and Courtney Lynn & Quinn


All four members of Folk Rap Band (Maxwell Williams, Eugene 'Cortez' Speer, Zack Willard & Nige Hood) drop by to explain all things folk rap to Courtney Lynn & Quinn! The guys also chat about how the band was formed, performing for the first time, taking their shot to work with Afroman, and they break down the story & creation behind their song, "Bowl N The Woods."


Check out Folk Rap Band on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify


If you're near Charlotte, NC, make sure to check out their concert with AFROMAN on June 19th, 2021 at The Unknown Brewing Company!


This episode's collaborative cover's instrumentals were created by Chase Killough. For any music production or lesson inquiries, check him out on his Instagram, TikTok or Facebook.


Check out Courtney Lynn and Quinn on their website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify.


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